* LOW Cost of $4.99 per member per hunting season - No monthly fees!
  * Very easy & intuitive to use - Written for Hunting Clubs!
  * Pay for all Club Members with one Payment!
  * Because it is a Web App (meaning you do not have to download it from any app store), it is compatible with most smart phones, more specifically
  • iPhones (IOS)
  • Android
  • Windows phones
Splash Screen
  * 9:30 P.M. logout safety alerts for members that did not sign out
  * Members can join and create unlimited number of sign in boards for multiple clubs or properties
  * Promotes positive communication between club members through notifications, photo sharing, and member forums
  * Members can send an emergency location text if they are in trouble
  * Step by step instructional videos give directions on how to setup a sign in board and how to use it
  * Harvest report where a club can report their successes
  * Custom reports that allow hunting club to collect whatever type of data they desire
  * News page where all members can stay up to date on club happenings
  * To do list where the sign in board administrator can share things that need to be done around their club
  * Administrative reports of all the sign in board data during the season
  * Individual member features such as a hunt journal, trail camera tracker, and a tool to help mark your equipment by its GPS location
Smart Phones
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Contact us if you have any questions at support@virtualsigninboard.com.